Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Pop Pop Fizz Fizz.....

There have been some things going on that I haven't been able to talk about. Work has been a major issue for awhile now. Which is all I'm going too say about that. Ahem.

One of the other issues is Patsy. I've mentioned Patsy here quite a bit. If you'll recall, she feels it's my fault that she once said the word 'fuck'. Something about me and the bad fucking example I'm setting. Hee!

Anyway, Patsy is more than a friend to me. She's also my surrogate mother. I met Patsy when I was in my early/mid twenties and my own mother had passed away several years earlier. She has been a mother to me and a devoted spoiling grandma to my kids, despite having plenty of her own children and grandchildren.

She is one of Pooter's top 3 favorite people at all times (and I, myself, only make it to that list every once in a while) and she adores him right back.

When I was single, Patsy and I made a list of qualities that any man I dated had to have. It was a long, well thought out, reasoned list. Too bad I don't remember much of it. It was a damn good list.

There's lots more I could tell you about Patsy, but I guess the most important thing I can tell you about her is that she's going to be ok. She'll be fine.

She has been diagnosed with cancer. It's made her life a living hell for the past year because of a tumor pressing on her sciatic nerve, while she assumed that it simply a pinched nerve (as did her doctor, to be fair) (but she wouldn't go back for the recommended MRI, for fear of the results, to be equally fair).

Up until yesterday, when the biopsy results came back, it looked really bad. She has cancer running through many of her bones (causing one femur to shatter, resulting in her finally getting her ass back to the doctor). She has dark spots between her skull and brain. I tell you all this so that you can understand how bad it was looking.

Then, yesterday, those results came back and the type of cancer she has is easily treated with hormones and some radiation and she has lots of years ahead of her. And I am absolutely overjoyed.

Now Pooter won't forget her, except as a person in some pictures with him when he was just a little kid.

Now I still have my friend.

Now I still have my Mom.

Now I can kick her ass for not getting to the doctor sooner.

Now I have time to talk her into moving to New Hampshire so I don't have to do without her.

Now she has time for, well, anything.

We're going back down to see her Saturday. She should be home by then and we'll get to spend some serious quaility time together. I can't wait.


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