Saturday, December 02, 2006



Today at work, I saw the biggest black widow spider I've ever seen. So, of course, I caught it, took pictures of it, looked at it up close a LOT, and then let it go.

Because I am a 10 year old boy.

I also took every opportunity to scare the crap out of other people with the spider.

Because I am a 10 year old mean boy.

(You can't see it in the pictures, because I took them with the camera phone, but there is a little puddle of spider poison on the surface of the book. There was a couple times while handling her that I almost made a puddle myself, if you know what I mean.)

So the subject of Charlotte's Web came up, with someone asserting that Charlotte was a black widow spider. Um, well, I guess that could explain the absence of a father figure for her eleventy billion kids.

So, what do you think folks? Was Charlotte a black widow? I haven't found anything that specificly points to what kind of spider she is, but maybe y'all will have more luck. If not, feel free to post random guesses.

Coming up tomorrow, Fauve has tagged me for a meme, so I'm gonna give that a go. It's the '6 weird things about me' meme, which I've already done once, but I loves me some Fauve, so I'm gonna dig deep and see if I can find six more weird things about me. My prediction is that it will not be too difficult.


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