Friday, November 17, 2006


Maybe I should go live at Sears.....

......with all the other tools.

So yesterday I griped that the review I got from Holly was vague and non-committal.

Then she left this very nice comment: "I'm not very creative, I mentioned you because I liked your blog. Sorry it was so vague!"

She didn't even call me an ungrateful bitch or anything. I think it's clear to everybody by now that Holly is just a nicer person than I am.

The verdict is in: I am a whiney tool. A whiney ungrateful tool.

Thank you, Holly, since I didn't say it yesterday, because I was too busy whining. (man, why am I such a tool?)

Also, for those of you interested in finding out when and by whom your blog will be reviewed (if you're a NaBloPoMo participant), Holly was also kind enough to give us a link to that page.

To summarize: Me= whiney tool .......... Holly= nice person

(By the way, please be careful in the mad rush to agree that I am a tool. I don't want anyone hurt. I'm not a mean tool.)

And now I have something for your viewing pleasure. I am loathe to use the word awesome to describe a video clip, but I'm gonna have to, because it's AWESOME.


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