Friday, November 10, 2006


Everybody's workin' for the weekend

It's Friday! I am practically beside myself with joy. I'm actually off this weekend, which doesn't happen often. Little Man has a birthday coming up and we are doing his parties this weekend.

Yes, I said parties, with an 'ies'. He's like Lindsay Lohan with the all the birthday partying, only we're planning to limit his alcohol intake (because we are responsible parent types) and he probably won't be making out with anybody in the back of the room. Unless you count the dog, and in that case, the dog will totally have started it.

We're going up to Pookie's Mom's house for the first party on Saturday and then having another one here on Sunday for the locals and my folks. This kid is gonna make out like a bandit. A really cute bandit whose tastes run to trains and race cars.

I'm also planning to sleep late and nap often. That's right, I'm old and a weekend of sleeping is my idea of a good time.

In other news, tomorrow, we will be graced by a guest post from my cousin Jo. She's awesome. She's also very short. I'm pretty sure these two facts are unrelated.

I could be wrong though. To all short people and the people who love them: Is shortness related to awesomeness? And if so, how do you explain that I am Gigantor and yet am too awesome for words? Discuss.

I leave you with yet another YouTube offering. Y'all have to admit I haven't steered you wrong yet. I defy you to watch this one and not laugh out loud.


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