Friday, October 13, 2006


I'm just a little too proud of myself

Look over there. To your left. No, your other left. Criminey.

I made a blogroll! This may not seem like a good reason for huge excitement, but it is.

See, it involved HTML, which scares me like algebra scares me, which is to say, a helluva lot.

But thanks to Buffi, who was very sweet and patient, and pretty much held my hand through the process, I have a blogroll!

Now, a few days ago, my bookmarks went missing. I mean, they were gone, never to return. So this blogroll is from memory. I am like an elephant with the memory. However, I may have forgotten a few. Because even elephants get old and forget shit sometimes. Also, I could use some lotion for these ashy elbows.

So if you think you should be on that blogroll, leave a comment, and I will risk screwing it all up to add you. Because I am just that fucking sweet.

Oh, and if you'd like to add me to your blogroll, feel free! (Maybe my hook could be shameless self promotion!)

Oh, and to those of you who told me that my hook was me, my own self? Well, you bastards almost made me cry with the niceness and whatnot. I am not used to that kind of thing. At least warn a bitch before you do that kind of thing. I love you guys. Now, we will speak of the sappiness no more. (but I really do love you guys)


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