Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Well, I didn't see that coming

During a visit to the park and duck pond today, our little guy ran around for awhile with his shoes off. Because his dumbassed mother put sandals on him, when he was going to be running around in fine pea gravel. Number of times one of us had to remove a pebble from his shoe before we wised up and removed the sandals: 172 Or 3. But damn, that's a long way down every five seconds, y'all.

So, somewhere along the way, he picked up an allergic reaction to something. We truly have no idea what. He goes outside barefoot at home. Hell, I spent my entire childhood (and if I'm honest, most of my adulthood) barefoot.

We brought him home (by which time he was COVERED in red welts and bumps. Yes, welts and bumps.), dosed him with some Benedryl and put him in a baking soda bath. Within 15 minutes, there was a marked improvement and by the time he got up from his nap, he was all better.

Now, you other parents out there (or nurses, who happen to be related to me), what the hell will cover a kid in nasty looking the space of 10 minutes (the length of the drive home), but is benign enough to be cured by Benedryl, baking soda and an hour long nap?

I'm glad it wasn't any more serious than it turned out to be, because if I'd had to watch Project Runway in the ER waiting room...well, let's just say that they wouldn't booted the small one out without treating him, but we might have got put on one of those watch out for this crazy bitch lists.

For those who don't know what happened, and you don't want to know yet...what the hell are you doing here? Seriously.

They didn't eliminate anyone this week. All four finalists are going to Olympus Fashion Week!

I must say, I'm relieved, as Michael did not do his best work and it was down to him and Jeffrey. Jeffrey's dress sucked more, but I've seen him do worse (couture, my ass) and have the judges have simultaneous hissy fits over what a genius he is.

Oh, and also, my son lost his phone in the Mojave Desert....somewhere. So if one of you guys find it, will you let me know? Thanks in advance!


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