Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Week in Review (so far)

Thing that made me really very sad this week:
The passing of Steve Irwin. I know he was an easy target for mockery, but at the end of the day he was a good person who worked his ass off to educate and entertain. I bet more than one kid will think differently about nature and the environment as a result of his work. Would that more of us had the ability/opportunity to mold young (and old!) minds. My heart just breaks for his family.

Thing that horrified me this week:
Reading that Survivor contestants will be divided up into tribes according to race. If I had ever watched this trainwreck in the first place, I would be refusing to watch it this season. Like we need more fodder in the whole race wars debate. I bet the black contestants have to ride in the back of the canoe.

Thing that made me deliriously happy this week. So happy I almost cried:
Project Runway. Vincent is GONE. Gone. Only the knowledge that Jeffrey has gained a stronghold by winning the last two challenges mars my joy. I would like to volunteer to scrub those tattoos off his neck. With an SOS pad. And lemon juice.

Thing that pissed me off this week:

Thing that depressed me this week:
I still have not won the lottery, enabling me to live in the style to which I could become very accustomed. Damnit.

Thing that made me whiney this week:
Little Man and I are both a little sick and a lot grumpy. Luckily, we both like to be cuddled when we don't feel good, so we have each other's back.

How's your week going?


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