Friday, September 15, 2006


School Daze

Some of you already know that we are homeschooling the girl child. I won't go into the reasons we are home-schooling her, because the point of this post is not to start some great debate. Basically, if you feel like home schooling is the province of gun-toting redneck Christians, you're right. I'm not here to convince you otherwise.

Besides, we have been known to tote guns, Pookie is most decidedly a redneck and we don't have quite enough to kids to be Catholic.

Suffice to say that the girl child was a well-liked honor student with no record of misbehavior whatsoever when she came to us and asked to be home-schooled.

So, anyway, this evening I was reading the report she'd written for the book Catcher in the Rye. It was a very thorough report and gave the reader (me) a good sense of the plotline, timing and motivations of the central character.

I just wanted to quote a line out of that report for you, because I almost peed myself while reading it.

She says, when referring to a particular character , "Luce was a real butthole, by the way."

Y'all, I snickered for 5 minutes.

I guess she has her writer's voice pretty well in hand, although I probably shouldn't encourage such editorializing. I'm pretty sure her college professors won't be nearly as tickled as I was.

I give her an A+!


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