Tuesday, June 27, 2006


What I did on my Summer vacation

Alternate title: Are you fucking kidding me??

Alternate, Alternate title: Kiss my (spotted) ass, Karma, you vindictive whore

So, I went to New Hampshire and all I got was the chicken pox. Let me repeat that. Chick. En. Pox.

Have I mentioned how I'm old? As in, too old to have chicken pox? Because I am.

Because I love, I am posting what I believe to be an accurate representation of the state of my (spotted) ass.

Pookie took this shot as I was sunbathing this afternoon*.

I know. The Pox is Hott.

More on my vacation later, when I feel more like sitting for a long stretch.

Oh, and fuck you, Karma.

* That is a picture of my ass in some alternate universe. In a skinny alternate universe where I would ever wear a g-string. You are not seeing an actual photo pf my actual ass, for those who were feeling compelled to poke themselves in the eye. There's no way I'm posting an actual photo of my actual ass on the internetweb. Because I love. And also, it's getting tough to feed and house all my stalkers, as it is. No new stalkers, is my goal.


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